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Spinning® Classes with a difference

Welcome to Pedal Studio®, home of Londons first Pay as You go dedicated Spinning® only Studio.
Whether you're a seasoned Spinner® or a New Rider, we promise you a warm welcome, an enjoyable experience and one of the most effective mind, body and soul workouts.

PedalStudio® is operated by a very dedicated and passionate team of fitness professionals who are indoor cycling fitness experts. They are here to help you take your training to the next level no matter who you are or what level of fitness you have.

Pedal Studio® has a wide range of Spinning® classes that cater for absolute beginners and steady fat burn classes, through to event specific training and high intensity spinning® class workouts for endurance conditioning for time trial and triathlete events as well as grueling epic mountain bike series.

We are Londons first Pay as you Ride Spinning® / cycling only facility with:

  • no joining fee and
  • no annual subscription.
  • £8 a class when you buy 10 rides.

Our instructors are all professionally qualified through Mad Dogg Spinning®. They are committed to delivering you the ultimate Spinning® experience and providing excellent Spinning® classes. 

All our bikes are professionally maintained by Brockley Bikes, so you can be sure of no worn bottom brackets.

Uniquely we give you FREE use of our state of the art team heart rate monitoring technology we use for all our classes. Each rider is supplied with a heart rate transponder belt which links up to our computer for displaying your heart rate and training zone on the screen at the front of the class.   


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Referral comments

Hi there,
I joined Pedal Studio today and attended my first class it was brilliant.
Jody Buttenshaw
Hi Andrew
Thanks for e-mailing. Yes, I really enjoyed my first class at Pedal Studio – enjoyed it so much that I went again on Saturday morning! It’s a good workout and more fun than going to the gym! So handy having something like this in Putney.
First off, loving the class and the easy pay as you ride system at Pedal Studio. The instructors are great, I think Carmen is particularly good. Her energetic classes suit my goals.
Fred Witting
Thanks Andrew,
I’ve was a member of Virgin Active gym for about three years but recently gave it up because it was just getting too expensive so am looking forward to giving your Pedal Studio a go on Thursday – especially since you offer the Suunto equipment, this is just what I’m after!
Thanks for making it all so easy,
Hi Andrew,
What an improvement! first time in new a/c comfort, sweat production reduced by 75% & no familiar feeling of fainting on bike but so cool it must have got to my brain as I walked off wearing your Sunnto HRM no 20.
Hi there
I joined Pedal Studio today and attended my first class it was brilliant. I would like to attend another class if possible on Wednesday the 8-9 pm class. I have registered for it online is that all I need to do? Thank you….
Carmen almost killed me on Tuesday! Back for more on Friday! Haha!
Hi Andrew
I was there on Tuesday at Pedal Studio and it is much better, those extra posters definitely have made a difference.
One other little thing, if we can have a few more hooks in the shower area for towels at some point that would be great – I think there is only one for the back left one.
(Note from Andrew, all done now)
Hi Andrew
I just read your newsletter – I would love a Pedal Studio cycling club and out rides (road) as I am training for a sportive next May 2010 and need to learn to ride in a bunch. Not quite ready to join the Dynamos!
Just looked at my print out high calories but no overreaching! Really enjoyed the classes at Pedal Studio – HARD! Noticed those VMO’s of yours being fired up on the standing climbs – scary, see why you are king of the mountains! Nathan is definitely helping me with a lot of technical issues on the bike. Pushing up to 35-8kph on the flats Monday (enjoy giving Nathan a run for his money) and getting some real 40 plus speed into the straight down hills, now I just gotta learn to do the curves descending fast, I have to get my hands off the bloody brakes!
( Andrew notes – How could I not put that feedback in ? Thanks Dave, and folks don’t forget to check out the good work Nathan is doing see Horizons)
Forgot to email you feedback after my first ride. Have to say, after having done two spinning classes at the leisure centre and absolutely hated it I wasn’t expecting to like the classes at Pedal Studio. The other one had been in the pitch dark with very shouty man and hideous music. I was very surprised when I actually enjoyed the class with Richard a couple of weeks ago! He was really nice, the music was great (songs I’d heard before, just with a faster beat) and the heart rate system is amazing, really helps you know how hard you are pushing yourself.
Really glad I found you guys!
Hi Andrew,
Thanks for this. I actually think that Pedal Studio is a very professional and friendly place.
Best wishes,
I’m really enjoying spinning at Pedal Studio and Lisa’s classes in particular. Can hardly believe the studio has been going nearly a year. You guys do a great job in running it, thanks!
Hi there Andrew,
I’ve been telling my Girlfriend how great the Pedal Studio is and she’s keen to find out what she’s missing. I think the studio’s fab by the way although I reckon another ‘Lisa style’ longer ride would be good.
Oh, and I managed to get into the Etape – so I reckon I’ll be doing plenty of double sessions soon.
Kind regards
Hi Andrew
I had a great time spinning at Pedal Studio for the first time in 6 or 7 yrs… I took it pretty slowly
I’ve signed up for this Sat with Lisa for a road session – taking up the offer- £10 for 7 days :)
looking forward to Saturday’s session
I have just done my second session at Pedal Studio – an endurance session which I found very different from spinning classes that I have done in the past. Trying to control the heart rate instead of just going for it was very different !! I find the white percentage figures on the screen very difficult to read especially in the green and yellow zone. Can they be in black or is that not possible?
I have really enjoyed the two classes that I have done and will definitely be continuing after this week.
Otherwise, my first class on the 10/02/10 rocked and I’ll definitely be back! I was so impressed with the equipment and the standard of instructor! I cant tell you how many gym spinning classes I have been to and have been horribly disappointed in the classes they have given!! So well done to you guys at Pedal Studio, see you soon!!
By the way I love the Pedal Studio – the approach to exercise and fitness is so refreshing. Thank you.
The heart rate techno really adds the quality and the fun/ interest of the spinning – I am addicted already to Pedal Studio
I am LOVING the pedal studio though – the two classes i’ve been to have been SO enjoyable I can’t tell you.
I love the fact that i’m learning so much about training and recovery as well as getting a really good work out – my friend Chris and I travel from E9 and E8 to come to your studio but I think its definitely worth it. Keep up the good work! (I will do the same and with any luck the spinning will help me to conquer the caledonia etape with ease in May!)
best wishes,
Hi Andrew,
Just a quick response to this email – I’ve been to a couple of other spinning classes and the Pedal Studio is by far the best. It feels like real training by people who actually know what they’re talking about in terms of fitness and physical performance. The heart rate monitors are great and enhance my understanding of the different levels of training we are trying to attain during the classes.
Best wishes,
Hi Andrew
Just came back from 8.30 Pedal Studio class with Lisa – really great to have a later time slot in the week for those of us who sometimes get stuck at work/don’t live so close to the studio. Please keep this time slot! :)
Your Pedal Studio instructors are fabulous and how they manage to be so very upbeat at that time of the morning I just don’t know.
Kindest regards
I was at your Pedal Studio class yesterday at 6pm. I thought the class was great as usual and I also though some of the tunes you played were great, could by any chance let me know the names and artists of the tracks you played? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.
I adored my first Pedal Studio class today, it was brilliant, and I would love to book into some more.
Hi Andrew
Thanks for the newsletter. I love the Pedal Studio, and have noticed it is SUPER busy since xmas! You mention suggestions for other class times are welcome, I would definately be interested more lunch time sessions (1pm) or (5.30pm) sessions. Also, the pilates sounds great, would be good to hear more about it later on when you have set plans for it. To be honest, the size of the studio makes it really appealing too.
Hi Andrew,
I wanted you to know that I loved the classes I took last week at Pedal Studio. I really enjoyed them.
Hi Andrew,
No worries. By the way,had the best endurance class ever at Pedal Studio today with Marne.Really good.
The ‘Spinning Man’ ~ Rick from Brighton Boot Camp paid us a visit from Brighton.
Andrew, it was a pleasure to be lead through such a sound ride, I may have to make it a regular occurrence at Pedal Studio :-)
Thank you
You sent me loads of training info a while back which I am following and things are going great. I am keen to do a long distance swim, but have no idea where to get advice and a training schedule for this.
Folks we definitely are the right place for swimming, running and cycling – Pro Vo2 offers all this training to Pedal Studio riders, drop me a mail if you want coaching. Andrew (andrew.clayton@pedalstudio.co.uk)
Hi Andrew,
I went to a few of your spin classes at Pedal Studio last week and I loved it!
Kind regards,
Thanks so much Andrew,
You make it so easy…
It’s booked and I’m looking forward to the ride…
I’ve even persuaded a friend to come and join me too.
Di :-)
I also wanted to say that the Sunday 1.5 hour spin at Pedal Studio was excellent. I have had a few classes with Oscar now, and I find him to be an excellent instructor.


















































































































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