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Class Descriptions


Recovery Energy Zone™

Without sufficient rest your body can’t get stronger so the purpose of this Energy Zone is to restore the body both physically and mentally. Recovery rides emphasize relaxation and energy accumulation in order to promote healing and circulate oxygen to tired muscles ligaments and tendons


Resistance:      Light

Cadence:         80-110rpm

Intensity          50-65% of maximum heart rate


Endurance Energy Zone™

This zone helps build your endurance meaning you last longer on rides. Endurance training is your fitness foundation and key for increasing aerobic capacity and improving long term energy, pedaling efficiency and for burning fat. In this zone you may experience flats and seated climbs whilst trying to maintain your heart rate between 65-75% which is no easy feat!


Resistance:      Light to moderate

Cadence          80-110rpm

Intensity          65-75% of maximum heart rate


Strength Energy Zone™

The Strength Energy Zone is used to build mental and physical strength and power by gradually increasing resistance in order that you become stronger and more capable of handling challenging climbs. In this zone you may well experience a number of both seated and standing climbs which push the boundaries of aerobic and anaerobic threshold followed by adequate recovery.


Resistance:      Moderate to heavy

Cadence          60-80rpm

Intensity          75-85% of maximum heart rate


Interval Energy Zone™

The Interval Energy Zone improves cardio vascular health and fortifies endurance and stamina. Intervals are a period of hard work followed by a period of rest, across a range of heart rates in order to enhance your ability to recover quickly after work efforts. The quicker your heart recovers the stronger and healthier your heart is. Interval rides can be very intense at times and may include sprints on flats or hills (at or below 110 RPM) and recovery stretches.


Resistance:      Light to heavy

Cadence          60-110rpm

Intensity          65-92% of maximum heart rate


Race Day Energy Zone™

A Race day rides will challenge your body, strength and your mentality. It will push your limits allowing you to learn a lot about yourself and your body so you should be 100% physically energised and mentally rested beforehand. This is the most intense Energy Zone with minimal rest, the highest threshold of the Spinning ® programme.

Without sufficient rest, your body can't get stronger.
Resistance:      Moderate to heavy

Cadence          80-110rpm

Intensity          80-92% of maximum heart rate


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